Offering top guitar instruction on electric or acoustic guitar to all levels of students from beginner to advanced.

Lessons are held in my private studio, a retail location or available from anywhere in the world via Skype.

All students are presented with the techniques and skills needed to play the music they love using a concise and fun method of learning.

I cover all areas of playing including chords, scales, technique, ear training and harmony.

While these musical building blocks provide a solid foundation for playing. My goal as an instructor is to help each student learn to play the music they love with these tools.

All styles of music are taught including Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Country, Jazz, etc.

Choose from my large and ever expanding repertoire or bring your favorite music in, I will write the songs out for you and teach you how to play them note for note. A practical teaching approach and fun way to learn.

Some common areas of study


Songs and solos

With Notated Tab and Standard Notation

Acoustic Guitar

Learn fingerpicking and strumming patterns

Music theory

Learn the building blocks of chords and scales and their relationships

Chords and Scales

Build vocabulary with the chords and scales you know, and expand into new areas


Let me help you apply what you know to help your songwriting

Ear Training

I'll help you train your ears to enable you to play whatever you hear, or play along with your favorite songs

"Peter is a great guitarist, and is adept in teaching a variety of playing styles and students of all experience levels"..... Rishi K
"Peter is an exceptional musician, guitarist and teacher. His knowledge of music theory, mastery of technique and enthusiasm as a teacher were key in my development as a guitar player and musician.
Peter taught me from when I was a beginner all the way through my admission to GIT. He can make the complex simple and coaches you over the stumbling blocks or walls that all musicians inevitably hit.
You won't find a better guitar teacher than Peter"..... Richard L
"Peter is a guitar virtuoso who breaks down complicated technique into bite-sized pieces for his students. He's a great teacher
for any age as he is patient and tuned in to the needs of the student. Lessons with Pete are always rewarding and enjoyable!"..... Carrie K
"Peter is in my opinion a world class guitar player; I try to see him play live whenever I can. As a teacher, he has the ability to break down parts and make them understandable and easy. I recommend Peter to all of my guitar playing friends. He is the best"..... Jim B
"Peter is insightful in sizing up each player's interests and abilities to deliver instruction and drills that work"..... Chuck D
"Peter's a fun instructor with a knack for taking the mystery out of learning the guitar"..... John S
"Pete's a great player but doesn't let that get in the way of being a great teacher"..... Steve B
"I'm very glad a friend referred, he's helped my daughter make huge strides, she's now playing in the school talent shows and writing her own music".... Barbara P