Music-The Art of Space

In all the studying and the quest to acquire mastery and a vast knowledge of the guitar fretboard,..why is it sometimes hard to do what comes most natural to us….. Continue reading

Paper in Oil Caps!…..Not just snake oil

Wait a minute,….Now you’re telling me that the caps in my guitar make a tonal difference?!?!

Pffft!!! this should be good!

But seriously, if you use your tone controls and find that rolling back beyond about 7 turns into a “mud” control
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Les Paul 50’s wiring

I’m a Les Paul player and years ago I stumbled onto a diagram showing that the 50’s Gibsons were wired differently. I tried this wiring out and wound up converting all my Pauls to the 50’s wiring.

The 2 pickups interacted with each other differently.
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