Paper in Oil Caps!…..Not just snake oil

Wait a minute,….Now you’re telling me that the caps in my guitar make a tonal difference?!?!

Pffft!!! this should be good!

But seriously, if you use your tone controls and find that rolling back beyond about 7 turns into a “mud” control

Vintage Bumble Bee caps are getting upwards of $50 each in certain places…yikes! for a cap!

But paper in oil caps (PIO) are only a few bucks and they sound way different than the little ceramic discs that might be in your axe.

Assuming you use the tone controls, the range of tones available are far greater over the entire range of the tone pot. Really cool for dialing inĀ that vocal-vowel midrange we love ;^}

Paper in Oil….just snake oil?!….no way.

Have a read hereĀ



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