Dubstep Dance: The Dance Genre that Makes You Move

Dubstep Dance: The Dance Genre that Makes You Move

History and Evolution of Dubstep Dance

What comes to mind when you think of dubstep dance? Wild body movements, robotic frozen accents, lyrical walks synced with wobbly bass? Well, it's correct but there's so much more to dubstep dance than what meets the eye. Let's stroll down the memory lane. Back in the early 2000s, dubstep originated as a sub-genre of UK garage, influenced by styles like jungle and drum and bass. Fast forward to today, dubstep dance has become a global phenomenon; a dance form that syncs movement with electronic music. I guess Dubstep is a true testament to the saying, ‘Dance like no one's watching’. When you're into it, every bass drop can inspire a new move, every beat calls for a body jerk. My Labradoodle, Archie, has even tried his hand... err paw at it, with hilarious consequences!

Variations of Dubstep Dance: From Popping to Robotics

Dubstep dance, just like the music itself, is a melting pot of various dance forms. From popping to locking, from waving to tutting, from robotics to bone breaking, you will find glimpses of all these dance forms in a dubstep routine. Popping involves tensing and relaxing the muscles, which looks jerky to the observer. It is like being a popping popcorn, popping to every beat. Then there's robotics, a dance form that involves precise body movements, almost like a mannequin brought to life. Now, mention bone breaking in a conversation and I guarantee you'll get a few wide-eyed looks, but don't worry, it's not as lethal as it sounds. It hails from street dance, involving stretching and bending limbs in visually mind-boggling ways. Imagine if my cat Onyx could pull it off - I'd have a viral video on my hands!

The Influence of Dubstep Dance on Pop Culture

Dubstep is not just a dance genre anymore. It has grown its grip over pop-culture, making appearances in film, TV, video games, concerts, and even on the streets. Shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars" have seen contestants busting those dubstep moves. Even in Hollywood, dance movies like "Step Up" series have integrated dubstep in their choreographies. Fun fact - in the video game "Just Dance 4", there's a battle segment where Skrillex's "Rock N’ Roll" serves as battlefield and players move along with the dub beats. I won't lie, I've tried my hand at it and let's just say, Onyx wasn't the only one in hysterics!

Learning and Mastering Dubstep Dance

So you fancy yourself a part of this dubstep revolution, do ya? Well, buddy, strap on your dancing shoes because it isn't as easy as it looks. You see, dubstep dance demands control, precision, flexibility, and musicality. You must learn to isolate and control each part of your body, create waves, pop, lock, so on and so forth. Don't forget to also learn different dance foundations that dubstep borrows from like hip-hop, ballet, jazz, etc. But the most important thing to remember is to enjoy it! Every stumble, every fall is a part of the journey. As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right. And trust me, your pets, just like my Archie, will provide the unpaid but honest audience you need during practice.

Iconic Dubstep Dancers and Choreographers

There are so many talented dancers who've not just mastered the art of dubstep dance but have elevated it to new heights. Marquese "Nonstop" Scott, with his viral video of dancing to a dubstep remix of "Pumped up Kicks" became an internet sensation overnight. His intricate footwork, isolation techniques, and musicality are something every aspiring dubstep dancer should take note of. JayFunk, with his intricate finger tutting techniques, has also made a name for himself in the dance industry. Then there's Les Twins, who blend their hip-hop foundation with dubstep seamlessly. Watching them dance is like peeking into the future of dance.

Tips to Bring Out the Dubstep Dancer in You

Okay, so here's me trying to impart some wisdom. Start with learning about music, understand the beats, the drops, the syncopation. Listen to different artists, understand their music styles. Now move onto understanding your body. Learn different animation techniques, isolations, waves and tutting. Practice to control your body to the beat of music. Start incorporating fan-favourites like 'The Robot', 'Moonwalk', 'Popping' and 'Locking' into your freestyle. Don't shy away from adding your unique touch to your choreography. The beauty of dubstep dance is its versatility and adaptability. It's truly a dance genre that lets you express yourself freely.

Health Benefits of Dubstep Dance

No one told you this before, but dancing is actually a very wholesome exercise. It works your entire body, improves muscle strength, reduces stress, enhances aerobic fitness, increases physical confidence, and boosts mental well-being. I remember when I first adopted Archie, he was a little overweight. To help him out, we began by dancing to a dubstep tune every evening and now he's as fit as a racehorse! Plus, dance is a great social activity. Make new friends, have fun, and stay healthy, all while busting your cool, dubstep moves!

Dubstep Dance: A Road Less Travelled

So, there you have it, a glimpse of what dubstep dance is all about. It's a dance form that breaks barriers and takes you into a world where your body and music become one. As you venture down this diverged road with pulsating beats, remember to enjoy each step, each fall, each achievement. Unfurl a new side of your persona and emote like you've never done before through this magical dance form. And you never know, you might even get Archie and Onyx to join you in your groovy dance breaks!

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